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A question as old as history: Why keep living? Beyond fulfilling our societal roles, do we have the right to be unhappy? For Ayla, having no problems doesn’t mean all is well; life’s monotony is reason enough to attempt suicide. Somehow her attempts fail, but she doesn’t stop trying...




Directed by
Doğuş Özokutan Çiftcioğlu
Vasvi Çiftci

Doğuş Özokutan Çiftcioğlu

Director of Photography
Pieter Verburg

Tim Klok

İnal Bilsel

Sound Design
Frank Van Bracht
(Studio Make)

Voice over
Hatice Tezcan

Voice Over Recording
Çağıl İşgüzar
(Opus Music Records)

Crane Operator
Mete Azizoğlu

Set Dressing
Rıza Şen

Color Grading
Pieter Verburg

Aydın Mehmetali

Doğuş Özokutan Çiftcioğlu


Ayla: Hatice Tezcan

Friend 1: Gizem Oktay
Friend 2: Serpil Görçin
Friend 3: Nur Köprülü
Friend 4: Simge Eğitmen
Friend 5: İbrahim Özgü
Friend 6: Serkan Tansel
Psychologist: Derviş G. Zeybek

Web Design
Engin Aluç


World Premiere

18th of April 2015, Texas USA – 48th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival


Cyprus premiere

21st of October, Limassol Cyprus – 5th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (ISFFC)




Platinium Remi Award [Comedy-Black/Dark] – 48th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, April 2015, USA


1st Prize –3rd Seattle Turkish Film Festival (STFF), November 2015, USA


Special Mention – 5th Macaé Cine – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Macaé, November 2015, Brazil



Official Selections


48th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, April 2015, USA


5th FARCUME (Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro), August 2015, Portugal


27th Golden Diana Awards, Augusts 2015, Austria


3rd Biennial Edition of CinéWomen Magazine, August 2015, Italy


5th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, October 2015, Cyprus


3rd Seattle Turkish Film Festival (STFF), November 2015 USA


5th Macaé Cine – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Macaé, November 2015, Brazil


1st Västerås Filmfestival, November 2015, Sweden,


16th Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu, February 2016, Chile


3rd Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Shorty Week, March 2016, Spain


4th ClujShorts International Short Film Festival, April 2016, Romania


9th Women and Minorities in Media, April 2016, USA


28th Filmfest Dresden, April 2016, Germany


2nd Kiné, Muestra de Cortometrajes Puebla, April 2016, Mexico


1st Eskishortfest, April 2016, Turkey


10th FestiCortos LaUnion Valle, April 2016, Colombia


3rd China Women's Film Festival, May 2016, China


7th Salón Internacional de la Luz, May 2016, Columbia


6th Prokupacki Festival Kratkog Filma, May 2016, Serbia


16th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine a la Calle, May 2016, Colombia


6th SEE Film Festival, May-June 2016, Germany & France & China


2nd Tlanchana Fest Festival de Cine y Arte Digital, June 2016, Mexico


8th Festival de cine corto de Salamanca, June 2016, Spain


18th Shorts Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016, June 2016, Japan [OSCAR QUALIFYING] 

1st Paphos International Film Festival Cyprus, June 2016, Cyprus 

12th Rwanda Film Festival [aka Hillywood], July 2016, Rwanda 

12th Monterrey International Film Festival [Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey], August 2016, Mexico

3rd Cyprus Comic Con, September 2016, Cyprus

8th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de temática social (FICBE), October 2016, Spain

7th Festival internacional del cortometraje (FIC 2016), October 2016, Argentina

19th Icaro Festival Internacional de Cine, October 2016, Guatemala

11th Annual Hamilton Film Festival, November 2016, Canada

35th Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, November 2016, Canada





About the Directors


Doğuş Özokutan Çiftcioğlu [co director]

Doğus Özokutan is a script writer, director and journalist. After studying international relations and mastering in economics, she first worked as a stockbroker, then changed careers to realize her dreams. She has several documentaries co directed with Vasvi Çiftcioğlu. Random Attempts is her first professional short film.


Vasvi Çiftcioğlu [co director]

Vasvi Çiftcioğlu is a director and journalist. He studied Radio, TV and Film, and has been working in Cypriot media for more than fifteen years. He has made several oral history documentaries and attended various international festivals. Random Attempts is his first professional short film.



Directors Statement


This film is the end product of a depressive period I lived through and the readings I have done about the meaning of life and suicide… So my starting point was similar to the films character. I continuously search for the answers to these questions:  “What is the meaning of life? What does one live for? Why should we keep on living?”

When I couldn’t find any answer to these questions I sink into a deep depression.

Similar to my position, our films character Ayla has a job, she doesn’t have major health problems, and she has friends… Basically she has no big drama in her life. But are these enough to be happy? Not really…

The original concept for the film was to motivate people think about or question the true meaning of life.

Random Attempts is a dark comedy which tries to create an empathy towards depressed people and motivate people to question their existence in this world and modern societies. Moreover, it aims to question suicide…


Doğuş Özokutan




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